A Queensland court ruling upheld workers' right to say no to Covid-19 vaccinations.
A warning to advisors when it comes to the deregistration of insolvent companies.
Search and seizure warrants are useful tools to strengthen liquidators' abilities to take control of company property.
Polaris Lawyers
The injured worker was awarded a WorkCover serious injury certificate to pursue lump sum compensation.
Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia
Discusses GBB's & GBL's for adults & children. Also discusses, conditional release orders, intensive correction orders & more.
Bartier Perry
Consumer and business standard form contracts of international entities may be subject to the ACL.
Unified Lawyers
A few points to keep in mind during separation to avoid complications.
Mellor Olsson Lawyers
Employers who breach record-keeping laws or fail to comply with requests like Notices to Produce, risk significant penalties.
JAH Intellectual Property
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has implemented progressive Fee adjustments in a significant move to foster innovation and support intellectual property rights by reducing the official fees for
British Virgin Islands
Carey Olsen
In the latest episode of the global Ablyazov litigation, the BVI Commercial Court's recent judgment in Joint Stock Company "BTA Bank" v Timur Sabyrbaev and ors BVIHCM 2021/0171 provides...
Lawson Lundell LLP
2023 年 11 月,BC 省最高法院的一位法官发布命令,宣布一份未签署的遗嘱有效,尽管这份遗嘱未签署,但法官认为该遗嘱代表了死者的遗嘱意愿。
Bereskin & Parr LLP
In review, 2023 emerged as a notable year in comparative advertising law, and a year prompting unease among businesses operating in Quebec as they grappled with understanding and complying with Quebec's...
Bereskin & Parr LLP
Global Affairs Canada's Trade Commissioner Service, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)...
Sorbara Law
In real estate, caveat emptor is the Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware". This means that a buyer purchases a property at their own risk and must conduct...
EKB | Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP
The Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (Canada) (the "Act") came into force January 1, 2024. The Act imposes obligations on certain private-sector...
MLT Aikins LLP
A recent Manitoba Court of Appeal decision recognized that lien bonds are an acceptable form of alternate security for the purposes of vacating claims for lien...
McMillan LLP
Note: This is an update of our previous bulletin titled "Risks of Anonymized and Aggregated Data" published on December 1, 2021.
MLT Aikins LLP
On January 25, 2024, the Republic of Kazakhstan opened an Honorary Consulate in Vancouver.
Andersen in Egypt
Thin capitalization is a tax term that refers to a situation in which a company has a high level of debt and relatively low equity.
Andersen in Egypt
The recent updates to the property tax law have sparked discussions among property owners, tax professionals, and legal experts alike.
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