2024 New Electronic Submission System For Turkish Capital Markets

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The Capital Markets Board of Türkiye establishes a new electronic submission system for Turkish capital markets. This article will provide a brief outline of the recent updates about that system.
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2024 New Electronic Submission System for Turkish Capital Markets is established by the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye. That progress will pave the way for the acceleration of submissions to the Board electronically.


The Capital Markets Board of Türkiye establishes a new electronic submission system for Turkish capital markets. This article will provide a brief outline of the recent updates about that system.

What is investment advice?

It is essential to remember that proper investment advice is needed by all investors including financial planners, bankers and brokers for any short or long-term investment goal.

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Is it a good idea to invest in İstanbul?

There has been a growing acceptance that Turkey is getting more capable of attracting more investment day by day. Investing in Istanbul may pave the way for ensuring an efficient solution for foreign investors. At the outset we should bear in mind the main rationale behind this opinion.

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What Are Main Authorities for Capital Markets in Turkey?

Capital Markets Board of Turkey is the main regulatory and supervisory authority for the field. The Board indicates its mandates as follows:

  • enhancement of investor protection,
  • adoption the norms of the international capital markets,
  • promotion and enhancement of the effectiveness of both the supply and the demand side of the markets,
  • promotion of transparency and fairness in the capital markets,
  • facilitation of modernisation of the market structure,
  • enhancement of the infrastructure of the capital markets.

Capital Markets litigation based on the judgments of the Council of State is another aspect of our extensive experience. Within the context of the right to property, our legal specialists provide national and multinational corporations with day-to-day information on the practice of international organizations including the European Court of Human Rights.

Recent Developments as 2024 New Electronic Submission System for Turkish Capital Markets

The Capital Markets Board of Türkiye took a new decision for the facilitation of the submission system. The said decision was published in the Bulletin No:2024/17 dated March 28, 2024. Electronic submission system came into force as of April 15, 2024. What is more, tracing any application can be also made through the e-submission system as well.

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It is significant to point out at this juncture that The Capital Markets Board of Türkiye is empowered with special mandates about the promotion of Turkish capital markets. Indeed the Authority has been making detailed regulations for organizing the markets and developing capital market instruments and institutions. Within the context of recent amendments, the institutions, organizations and issuers coming within the ambit of the central registration system (MERSIS) have to bring their applications electronically [through e-Başvuru Sistemi in Turkish].

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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