May 2024 Wins: PR In Canada For 5 Business Immigration Clients (Not SUV)!

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Toronto-based boutique Sobirovs Law Firm assists corporate and tech-sector clients, foreign businesses, entrepreneurs and investors, with Canadian immigration matters. The firm specializes in labour market impact assessments, permanent residence applications, TechImmigration, and treaty-based immigration.
As the flowers bloom and days grow longer, spring has brought us beautiful weather and exciting news from Immigration Canada. In a burst of efficiency, Immigration Canada has been delivering permanent...
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As the flowers bloom and days grow longer, spring has brought us beautiful weather and exciting news from Immigration Canada. In a burst of efficiency, Immigration Canada has been delivering permanent residence approvals at unprecedented speeds, with processing times as short as 2-3 months! Over the past two weeks, we have witnessed a wave of success stories among our clients.

Today, we are thrilled to share with you only 5 particularly inspiring cases of entrepreneurs who have transitioned from work permits to permanent residence through business immigration.

Success Cases of Our Clients

Case 1: A 31-year-old Entrepreneur from Uzbekistan

8 months to Permanent Residence in Canada by starting a Logistics Business (investment amount: $200,000).

A 31-year-old entrepreneur from Uzbekistan leveraged the start-up Intra-Company Transfer program to establish a logistics business in Canada in September 2023. By February 2024, his business achievements enabled him to secure a permanent job offer as a Managing Director of his company. His robust personal profile, which includes strong language skills, a solid educational background, and professional experience, helped him achieve a CRS score of 549 in Express Entry after receiving 200 additional points due to his job offer. His application for permanent residence was processed and approved in just over two months.

Case 2: A 48-year-old Investor & Entrepreneur from Mongolia

18 months to Permanent Residence in Canada by buying a Franchise (investment amount: $150,000)

In October 2022, a 48-year-old investor from Mongolia bought and began operating a franchise in Canada. His effective management led to a stable and profitable business, and by November 2023, his business would be eligible to support his permanent residence application. His company's job offer added 200 points to our client's Express Entry profile, elevating his total score to 549. His application, submitted in January 2024, was approved in April 2024, exemplifying a successful business investment leading to permanent residence.

Case 3: A 61-year-old Entrepreneur from the US

18 months to Permanent Residence by Moving Business to Canada

An accomplished 61-year-old entrepreneur from the US who founded an affiliate branch of his US-based telecom company in Canada in February 2022, transitioned to permanent residence status. He moved to Canada in August 2022 to operate his Canadian company as a Senior Executive. By January 2024, his professional contributions and leadership role earned him an invitation to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry based on a strong CRS score of 584 (the job offer added 200 points to his score). His application was submitted in March 2024 and approved within two months, highlighting Canada's recognition of valuable business contributions.

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Case 4: A 44-year-old Executive from Chile

Permanent Residence in Canada in about 2.5 years as an Employee of a Foreign Company.

Our client originally arrived in Canada in August 2021 to launch the Canadian operations of a company based in Chile. After being transferred to the Canadian affiliate of his Chilean employer, he worked in Canada for approximately 2 years. During this time, he demonstrated significant leadership and management skills, which led the company to offer him the position of Country Manager for Canada. This role significantly bolstered his CRS score under the Express Entry program to 580, which in turn earned him an invitation to apply for permanent residence from IRCC. We submitted his application for permanent residence in mid-January 2024, and it was approved within approximately 4 months.

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Case 5: An Unusual Case

A Business Owner from Türkiye who was NOT eligible for Permanent Residence under the Express Entry – Permanent Residence under s. 25 (Canada's Humanitarian & Compassionate Program) of the IRPA.

In 2019, our client, an entrepreneur from Türkiye, moved to Canada to start his own restaurant business in Toronto. Despite facing the global challenges posed by the pandemic, he successfully established and continuously expanded his restaurant.

By 2021, he had renewed his work permit as an owner-operator. Still, he faced a significant hurdle — his eligibility for permanent residence was compromised due to his modest language skills and holding only a high school diploma. Despite these limitations and lacking a direct pathway to permanent residence, his contribution was undeniable; he built a thriving business and employed over 12 individuals in Canada, significantly contributing to the local economy and community.

Recognizing his establishment and positive impact in Canada, in May 2022, we applied for his permanent residence under Section 25 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), which considers Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C) grounds. After a lengthy and undoubtedly stressful waiting period, his application was approved in May 2024. This long journey to permanent residence highlights the potential for exceptional cases to be recognized based on their substantial contributions to Canadian society and economy and other relevant H&C considerations.


These case studies exemplify the pathways to permanent residency that Canada offers to business owners and entrepreneurs who contribute economically and operationally to the country's landscape. Each story reflects the potential of Canada's immigration system to integrate business talents into its economy. If you are considering similar ventures, talk to us for strategic planning necessary to achieve permanent residency through business immigration.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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